Thursday, 19 November 2009

Starting PreViz

Here we have one of the Storyboard Shots of the T.Rex drawn by Ken, with the quick look at what the T.Rex will look like within the Atrium.

The Storyboard Stage has almost been finished but we are going to post it up soon.

At the moment I have just started Pre Viz so we can see if everything in the storyboard is working. Also giving us the ability to change and add shots.


  1. those legs dont look like they are bent at the right joints as they would naturaly, also the jaw on the t rex is smaller than his head is that correct in anatomy? and the feet are going through the floor, these basics would probably need to be rectified in previz, or might get sum problemslater in the actual shot

  2. ok josh is 2D lets get this strate, previz is just a pre visualisation,it doesnt hv to be totally accurate.

  3. oh my productive feedback is no use here in cg land