Monday, 30 November 2009

Pre Viz_01

T.Rex Final Look TimeCode from Ryan Bedwell on Vimeo.

This is the first go at Pre Viz, nothing is final yet. We need to look at every shot to check continuity and see whether or not they work before we can progress to the next stage.

Guys we need your comments so we can fix anything thats wrong with it.


  1. Here are some of the notes that Toke and I told you earlier:

    SH_01 - ends on an ugly shot, might want to cut it into thirds with people on the right, door in the middle and wall on the right third.

    Then you'd be in position for a zoom in on SH_02.

    SH_03 - He would definitely be trying to tell people that theres a T-rex coming but as you said he's exhausted so maybe he could be pointing and trying to tell people.

    SH_04 - the man should run closer to the camera - maybe even have the desk in shot and have him jumping behind it - leading to him coming out later (SH_19).

    SH_07 - it would be better if SH_07 wasn't moving around but slowly zooms in for his expression and then cuts to the end of SH_07 - but a closer shot with the t-rex even closer to the man - then the camera slowly moves around to be more front on (similar to SH_08) leading up to the in-mouth-shot.

    SH_13 - I think this needs more time, see him take a step or two before it cuts. Or Nicks suggestion of following it around to the other side would stop you from breaking the 180 rule later on.

    Toke will post the rest because he likes typing.

  2. SH_005 - needs to follow the T-rex's head more+maybe a wider shot.

    SH_006 - more dynamic shot, showing an over-the-shoulder angle with the T-rex in the Bckg.(maybe a low angle)

    SH_011 - needs to follow the T-rex's movement upwards, to flow better into SH_012. Doesn't need to be a lot, just slight upward move.

    SH_015->SH_016 - too big a difference between camera angles and story timeline. Needs a shot between to explain what goes on between the shots. Consider a shot from behind the T-rex showing it pounding the doorway with its body.

    SH_018->SH_019 - again too much difference in beat and camera. Maybe have a black video before cutting to an establishing shot, showing the guy behind the desk and the T-rex's tail going behind the stairs.

    SH_019 - its too fast a camera move+have the cut while the guy is mid-air instead.

    SH_020 - the camera should be closer to the guys head+more time for the guy expression, then pan/move to an over-the-shoulder shot, showing the T-rex coming from behind the stairs.

    SH_021 - the guy should fill more in this shot, so the have the camera more in line of the guy path.

    SH_022 - running towards the door needs to be faster, twice as fast+faster turnaround to face T-rex.

  3. Come on people, Ryan's almost in tears here because no one else has commented.

  4. It looks really cool. Only managed to have a quick glance but having two camera moves in the first shot seems pointless. The camera comes past the door following one guy, then goes back to focus on the door. Maybe it's just me.

  5. Maybe it could just use a different establishing shot. One from a higher angle to show off the size of the atrium's interior.

  6. I think it looks good... Don't know what to say that other people haven't already. Don't forget to add some camera noise etc. later on, it looks a bit stiff. Good job

    From Mark:
    In shot 6 the sofa is fine, then in shot 7 the t-rex hasnt moved but the sofa is knocked over how does that happen?

    the cut between shot 7 and 8 is too close.
    maybe shot 7 should pan the other way and up next to the T-rex head and look down on the person to show T-rex perspective then cut to 8 to then show persons perspective.

  7. i am very impressed.
    it needs more camera shakeing to show the magnatude of the dinasaurs great size and power in my opinion.
    25 seconds in the shots needs to blend together better.
    i like the the looking through the eyes run with the bounceing at the end.

  8. I think it's very good! But I do agree with Ol on shot 7 and 8. Maybe shot 8 could be cut, and have the T-Rex roar in shot 7?

    Shot 4 might have more impact if he didn't pause to smash the window.

    Could the camera ease in and out of shot 1/2, rather than just stop?

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  10. I think this is really good, there are certain scenes that are paused for quite sometime. But besides that eeverything looks really good, can't wait to see the final.

  11. I think shot 3 is a little weird just for the behaviour of the person, why they chose that particular spot to lean and recover, looks a little forced to me and the camera move seems unecisary.

    Also shot 7- 10 feels too long and the behavior of the scared person feels a little unatural.

    Looks good otherwise, perhapse too long though?

  12. could end it after shot 12? does feel a bit prolonged and from the viewers perspective i did start to loose interest after that.

    perhapse cut shots 13,15 - 20 and instead of suggesting the camera is someone from reception suggest its the viewer, have shot 21 the the camera behaving the the first person and the trex noticing it then end the same way.

  13. Scenes 16-18 feel kind of weak to me, the guy wonders out, dino looks, eats, thats it, the angles feel uninspiered and slightly pointless seeing as you can take it out and have scenes 15 and 19 link together all the same. Personally i think it just needs to be more dramatic and give the "victom" time to react. Everything else works for me.

  14. this is looking really sweet, and i agree with almost all previous notes, not too sure about the camera switch between shots 7 and 8.

    I also think perhaps the T-rex should Roar at the others as like a warning in shot 13 before he runs after them, think would be nice to see a roar from that shot.

  15. Im liking the quiet b4 the storm idea, Just quick question, will WE as an audience be connecting with any of these people emotinally? i cant tell there identity.i think shot 3 to 4 is slightly off somehow.He's found sanctuary,But wouldnt he be telling others, maybe they dont believe him and go look for them selves.