Thursday, 3 December 2009

Pre Viz Version 2(LT)

Pre Viz Version 2(LT) from Ryan Bedwell on Vimeo.

Version 2

This is the Second attempt at the Pre Viz for the Project

I need to hear what you guys think about both video and please tell us what one you profer and what is still not working for you.


  1. I think the final scene after the girl falls over the object and attracts the attention of the T.Rex is a little disjointed. It is unclear what perspective you are seeing - from the girl? If so, it needs to be a little more obvious to the viewer

  2. This is a better version, a lot more informative than the 1st.Im liking shot 2. makes the audience think about this character. shot 5 emphasises the t-rexes size and 5 to 11 are good cinematic shots they explain a great deal in a short amount of time. Big Fan of the dissapering tail, if thats not in the final it would be a shame. 20 answers the question about why he knocks over the object. I felt more effected by this previz. nice one ryan :)