Thursday, 3 December 2009

Pre Viz Version 3(BR)

Pre Viz Version 3(BR) from Ryan Bedwell on Vimeo.

Version 3

This is the other way the project may go.

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  1. hey ry, i prefer the 2nd one, i got a bit disorentated on shot 16. I would just like to say the glass works very well. Big Fan of the 2nd one. Its comming together nicely, now crack on with ur animation!!!

  2. Hey,

    I prefer the 1st one, but not a fan of the POV shot, makes it feel like a isn't a game.

    Still think you should have a from inside of the 3rd year room as it walks past. Gives the film a bit of scale and could be funny.


  3. When I say 1st one, I MEAN version 2!
    It's been a long day ;[

  4. Looking good, I quickly drew up an idea of a shot for you on messenger/paint. Sorry its badly so drawn...

    Perhaps there can be an overhead shot of the Trex walking under the balcony with people leaning over watching it? Just throwing it out there.

  5. I like the pace of version 3. I think the POV shot would work if it was character driven, e.g we knew the story of the person we are POV-ing.

    The only shot I would change is the entry of the T-Rex. it needs to be more of a suprise, as it is we see the T-rex approach the window and then smash through it. It could work that way but it would be easier to have some shots of people watching the t-rex approach and then cut to the t-rex smashing through. build the suspense a bit.