Thursday, 10 December 2009


Pre Viz + Film from Ryan Bedwell on Vimeo.

This is to show how we are getting on with the filming of the project. At the moment we don't if we are going to reshoot the whole project because the lighting changes in the footage or just the rest and afew may need to go over again.

1 comment:

  1. 00:39 - this shot seems a bit short to me. Also I feel John's movement ties the next shot together with this one. John falls down in this shot, and imidiately gets up in the next shot.

    00:42 - this also seems a bit short when considering that you need a nice intimidating roar in here.

    00:53 - this shot seem weird to me, since the T-rex is supposed to be standing right infront of the camera just eaten John and we are all running from this spot.

    00:57 - ends to early if we want the T-rex to snap at the camera.

    01:00-01:08 - in this duration there are three cuts, which I dont see the point of. Just seems more work to me.

    Generally I think the filming edition is missing some of the points from the Previz.